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AEM plans to become a preferred global supplier of 5N purity alumina for high-tech applications, setting the benchmark for industry performance in terms of high purity, high reliability and low environmental footprint.

With its first production plant at Cap-Chat already operational, AEM is now planning to commission a new plant in the United Kingdom. AEM is receiving financial support from the British Government to take these plans forward.

AEM’s Technical Development Centre near Montreal is pivotal to AEM’s development plans, not only for the role it will play in the ongoing development of the CLCP process, but also in innovating other industrial minerals technologies as AEM seeks to grow an already substantial body of patented intellectual property. Committed to a culture of continuous improvement and delivering the highest standards of environmental and social governance, AEM is now offering 5N SupALOX™ High Purity Alumina to customers for product testing and sales.

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Canadian Plant

In April 2020, AEM acquired the plant in Cap-Chat from Orbite Technologies Inc. and thereafter invested in remedying the previous engineering defects such that it was able to commission it successfully in late 2020.
Cap-Chat is now producing regular amounts of 5N SupALOX™ High Purity Alumina,and AEM plans to ramp it to full production once market adoption of the product is confirmed.
Powered by renewable electricity from Hydro Quebec, Cap-Chat already exhibits exceptional environmental performance, which AEM plans to improve further through subsequent investments. Also, all production by products have high quality and are marketed independently and thus the overall production is close to zero waste.


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